Beauty Culture


Marianne Heger opened 1980 aged 24 at that time as Marianne Kneis her Institute for Beauty Culture in Zeutern after her education as beautician at Helen Pietrulla Kosmetika in Heidelberg.

Even after she became Medical Doctor and started working in hospital and industry in 1988 she continued treating her beauty care patients as beautician in her leisure time with Pietrulla Kosmetika products and further premium products of other laboratories and manufacturers she has tested and was convinced therefrom. 

Dr. med Marianne Heger, MD, PhD, used her knowledge and high standard to develop dermatology products for eczemas, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and erythemas and applied those also in her private part-time practice until she passed away 2005 as well-respected researcher and physician with international reputation.

Her extraordinary expertice with highest standard in services, research, skills and product developments can be seen in a number of products being very succsessful in international markets.

Since then her standard and business is continued within HRS.

In 2012 HRS was positive about a further premium beauty care product series and started to promote abroad an excellent high-class skincare product line from and developed by Juka Cosmetics AG also based in Zeutern. Learn more about in our next submenue Juka d' Or and find further information at Juka d' Or ...   

For the Middle East you may find the English Editorial to Juka Cosmetics in the Online Gulf Connoisseur at on the pages 29/162 and 102-103/162.