Juka d' Or

High-class care made in Germany

The Anti-Aging revolution for sensitive skin

Which/what woman does not dream about: tender skin,agleam/bright complexion and a fresh/cool, juvenescent good looks? These attributes are not a question of age, as a beautiful, well-proportioned skin is first of all a question of proper/appropriate care. But were to know what are the right products?

Good care products are highly-effective and very compatible/tolerant and free of additives. At/The choise of the right care set pay attention to the ingredients: high-class products are without perfumes, colorants and preservatives to avoid irritations and allergies. They should also be free of silicones and mineral oils - more important are highly effective lipids from shea butter or olive oil to provide/supply /serve the skin with (nutrients) nutritive substances and (regenerate) nourish it from inside.

The solution for the perfect care comes from germany: the revolutionary anti-aging series Juka d'Or® from Juka Cosmetic PLC combines highest effectiveness with ideal tolerance. The products of the high-class luxury cosmetic are produced absolutely free of / without perfumes, colorants and preservatives and without silicones and mineral oils. Active face-lift ingredients like Hualuronic acid, Argireline and Paracress upholster wrinkles and tighten facial outline. The result is over-whelming. In 4 weeks wrinkle depth is reduced up to 39%. Vitamin E from grape seed oil and ceramide from shea butter strengthen the skins barrier function and enhance additionaly the anti-aging effect. The complexion appears freshen, fine-pored and regains more vibrancy/charisma (its elasticy and firmness even) after just a few applications.

Effektive face-lift: the secret is the exact active principle complex

Upholstering, tightening or elasticity? The luxury day and night care Juka d'Or® Lifting Balsam incloses - compared to conventional anti-aging products - not only ONE Anti-Aging ingredient, but antagonizes all kinds of skin aging by/with a highly-effective 3-fold active principle complex for optimal face-lift:

  • Upholstering
  • Botox effect
  • Prevention

Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizer which feeds the skin intensively with moisture and upholsters wrinkles from inside. Collagenic fibres are underpinned, the skin is smoothed and tightened.

Argireline® und Paracress unblock micro-tensions in the skin and act as a "Bio-Botox". The features/lineaments gently relax and the complexion gets a fresh and natural appeal/appearance.

Grape seed oil is rich in vitamin E and protects the skin effectively against free radicals. The skin is protected from environmental stress; prevents premature aging of the skin.

The highly-effective 3=fold active principle complex is mere luxury for the skin: within 4 weeks wrinkle depth is reduced up to 39%. Pores are visibly reduced (and) complexion appears freshen and regains vibrancy after just a few applications.

Luxury cosmetic made in Germany

The history of Juka d'Or® started at the end of the nineties in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in the south of Germany. The pharmacists Jutta and Karl Ploeger experienced in their daily consulting, that caused by stress and environmental influence skin problems and allergies steadily increased, but could not be satisfied by/with conventional care products. Rule of thumb was: anti-aging and hypo-allergen does not fit together. The aim of the couple was to break this rule of thumb and to revolution the cosmetic market. They had a vision of cosmetics which is both optimal compatible/tolerant and highly-effective. They founded the Juka Cosmetic PLC and developed the luxury brand Juka d'Or®. Since Juka d'Or® is the high-class anti-aging care in Germany. The exclusive series combines highest effectiveness with ideal tolerance and is therefore also suitable/acceptable for sensitive and susceptible skin. All the products of the family-owned enterprise are produced in Germany and set themselves apart from the goods in bulk of big groups. "Quality comes before quantity" as Karl Ploeger, CEO Juka Cosmetic PLC says. We use a special production method and have very high production requirements. This guarantees best quality to live up to the expectations of our customers.

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